ALC shop Is an original brand of custom-made apparel & accessories & distributor of several other fine items.

ALC shop was inspired and created while traveling the world for the last 10 years. Coming from a background of building clothing brands for the past two decades, the idea was formed while traveling, to create and design something that would inspire others to pack-up their bags & take off to go see more of this beautiful world of ours. ALC shop wants you to travel well too!

Today, ALC shop is a brand of custom-made various quality bags for travel or everyday carrying. Some made at home in the fashion district Los Angeles, and the larger quantities made with larger manufacturer partners in other countries as well. ALC shop is also a worldwide distributor of fine bags, apparel, and accessories, with locations currently in four countries, and currently open to establishing new partnership locations with allies across the globe.

After extensive research, it was found that bags are in daily need and the choices to select are few, so what better item then a travel bag to offer to inspire others to travel more often. The carrying of bags had been predominantly for women in the past but now in a huge way for men and youth as well, thanks to technology and the need to pack electronic gadgets and cell phones. The category designing for is for a wide selection from canvas or leather bags, messenger bags, backpacks, laptop bags, gym bags, beach bags, carry-on luggage, business executive bags and many other forms of necessity carrying.

We began to meet with custom bag manufactures from all over the world to find where these new designs could be made in larger quantities besides what we could handle at home in L.A. We have now created and built many great relationships worldwide and can now design and custom make great bags at home in the USA or in much larger quantities from neighbor allies and overseas.

We can now make and ship directly from the nearest country ordered from.

Traveling evolves and broadens perspective on how the world is viewed. We love working with and communicating with people from all over the world, embracing different cultures, styles & art and applying different aspects of design from various beautiful places from all around the world.

ALC shop was created with the intent to inspire travel, to reach the world and offer a piece of different parts of the world, while living and working together in the lifestyle of traveling the world.

Tomorrow, we will build an organization where we can send people to see different parts of the world, where they would have never had a chance to see.

We thank you for being a part of our journey and appreciate you greatly for choosing us. We sincerely hope you enjoy your fine bag and look forward to serving you well.

Thank you again for Traveling through & for your support.
Travel more, Travel often and travel through everyday life well!